Kitchener South—Hespeler

David Weber, 49 years old, is a lifetime resident of the Waterloo region. He spent 27 years as a police officer, an experience which has led him to conclude that our society can benefit from Green Party values and ideas. David believes an MP’s responsibilities are: first, to their local constituents; next, to their country; and lastly, to their party.

In policing, David has seen increasing poverty negatively impacting society -- he would like to see more emphasis given to this issue federally, as the costs of reacting to poverty are far greater than the cost of eliminating it. David now volunteers within a grassroots “Alliance Against Poverty” organization, but wants to effect change from within government, which currently appears indifferent to poverty issues. As an elected Green MP, he will dedicate himself to tackling this issue.

David was a Progressive Conservative supporter before that party collapsed. He believes that the Conservative party that rose from the PC’s ashes is too far right -- “progressive” was removed from their name and values. As a result David sought out a new political party, and was intrigued by Elizabeth May’s integrity, honesty and intelligence. He studied the Green Party’s evidence based policies, finding their platform sensible, fiscally responsible, sustainable and fair to all citizens.

David is a volunteer with Fair Vote Canada, and is a strong advocate of the Green Party’s policies on democratic reform. He believes that no party with less than 50% of the vote should ever have 100% control of our government, and that a party with significant national support should have a voice regardless of whether those votes are concentrated enough in specific ridings to win seats. He would like to see the introduction of Proportional Representation, so Canadians can have a government that actually represents our diverse national views. He believes our current flawed voting system represents the rich and powerful, not average voters.

David is looking forward to the campaign in 2015, and will work hard to bring issues of fairness –like the elimination of poverty and democratic reform– to the forefront of the political conversation.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have David Weber as our candidate in the riding of Kitchener South–Hespeler.