Hamilton Centre

Ute Schmid-Jones found her interest in the Green Party early on in her adult life. Raised by parents who were politically active, her passion for public service and appreciation for current events became a natural progression.

Her first “green” act was to research and develop an office paper recovery project for the Ontario Lottery Corporation, where she was a video segment producer in her early twenties. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her career path in communications, marketing, education, and health, mirrored perfectly with her growing understanding of the platforms of the Green Party.

Today, as a mother of two amazing daughters, she recognizes that it is more important than ever to raise awareness and activism around all social and environmental issues that concern the citizens of planet earth. She has run politically herself in two municipal elections, and has served as both a volunteer and as a campaign manager in Green Party of Canada and Green Party of Ontario election campaigns.

Ute helped found and seed the Midland Community Garden Project, and sat on Seniors Council, the Library Board, Accessibility, and Heritage Committees. As an active volunteer at the Guesthouse Shelter in Midland, and a volunteer fitness instructor for the YMCA, she has supported organizations that give a “leg up” through time and philanthropy.

Ute is a natural communications hybrid who integrates well with all demographics. She has recently moved to Hamilton Centre, from Simcoe North, and is currently a practicing hypnotherapist who will be transferring her practice to this new riding. With a degree in broadcasting from Ryerson, career experience in the banking sector in marketing, and in the public sector as an instructor at Georgian College, Ute recognizes that in order to get from “here” to “there” we have to collectively learn how to communicate our intentions more effectively.

She’s ready to dig into election 2015 and collaborate with the other federal Green Party Candidates in Hamilton Ridings, knowing that our strength comes through cooperation and collective achievements.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Ute Schmid-Jones as our candidate in the riding of Hamilton Centre.