Gord Miller is a scientist and environmental expert. He has had a long career in public service, including working as a senior advisor with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, followed by fifteen years as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. This has inspired him to run for the Green Party of Canada in Guelph, to help ensure our country takes the serious actions needed to curb climate change, and build a stable, diverse and sustainable economy.

A University of Guelph alumnus, Gord holds both a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Master of Science in Plant Ecology, from the U of G. After graduating, Gord started his family and his career in Guelph, doing environmental assessment and planning work with Biosystems Inc, before moving on to a career with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Gord held multiple positions with the Ministry of the Environment including working as a senior environmental officer, district manager, and senior manager responsible for training and development. His responsibilities included overseeing the response, containment and cleanup of major spills of hazardous substances. During this period, Gord also worked as an instructor at a variety of institutions, including time teaching at Nipissing University, the University of Toronto and the Chengdu Management Training Centre in China.

For the last fifteen years, Gord has served as Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner. A non-partisan officer of the Legislature, the Environmental Commissioner's job is to uphold and protect Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). This included working with a wide range of environmental and industry groups as well as politicians and civil servants, engaging the public to educate them about the EBR, and providing expert policy advice on a wide range of environmental topics, from energy to ecology, to the Ontario Legislature in his Annual Reports.

In addition to his extensive professional experience, Gord was an elected Trustee with the Timmins Board of Education, served as a Vice-President and Co-Founder of the Roadside Heritage Trees Society of Puslinch Township, and as President of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association.

Gord hopes to bring his extensive experience and knowledge about both the environment and legislative process to bear as Guelph’s representative in the House of Commons. A dedicated public servant, Gord’s career showcases his ethical standards, sound judgement and sense of fairness.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Gord Miller as our candidate in the riding of Guelph.