Dave is retired after a 33-year career as a supervisor for a major steelmaker in Hamilton, Ontario.   He is both a father and a grandfather.  Dave raised his two cherished daughters as a single parent, and those experiences and struggles have shaped Dave’s political opinions. He believes the health and safety of future generations, and the opportunities available to them, must guide a more sustainable policy.

Nothing is more important than leaving this country, and our entire planet, habitable for our children and our grandchildren.

Dave believes that politics can be a lot simpler.  At its core, politics is about coming together as a group and solving the issues we face.  Yet oftentimes special interests get in the way of solving those issues. Dave believes that’s why we need to restore citizens voices in our democratic system. He is proud to run for a party whose platform revolves around grassroots, democratic and sustainable policies.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Dave Urquhart as our candidate in the riding of Flamborough—Glanbrook.