Jennifer was born in the Toronto area, grew up in London and has now lived in Essex County for the past twelve years. She currently lives with her husband and four-year-old daughter in Belle River, Ontario.

Jennifer currently works and travels throughout Essex County as a Canada Post employee. Previously she has worked in both the automotive sector and in public utilities.

Through her volunteer efforts, Jennifer prides herself on being active and involved in bettering the community. Jennifer co-manages the Belle River Farmers’ Market with her husband, a weekly venue she established as a celebration of local and sustainable food. She also assists the Town of Lakeshore as a member of both the community advisory and events planning committees.

Jennifer developed an interest in politics while doing a minor in political science at the University of Windsor. She recognizes the ongoing unemployment struggle Essex County and other areas of Canada are facing and recognizes this issue must partly be addressed on a federal level. As a supporter of small businesses and local farms, she believes the government has to be more involved to keep meaningful and well-paying jobs here in Canada. Most importantly, she believes protection of the environment is key to our future health and prosperity as a nation.

After the many failures of the federal government over the past eight years, Jennifer feels a new approach to national leadership is necessary.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Jennifer Alderson as our candidate for the riding of Essex.