Dan Stein was born and raised in Toronto. He attended university in Montreal and Kingston, and in 1998, he was called to the bar.

In 2000, Dan opened his own criminal law practice. He focused on helping under-privileged people, defending the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and taking on appellate cases. For more than ten years, Dan worked with Crown attorneys, judges, police officers, and court clerks on difficult cases. He witnessed the social and economic realities of Toronto up close, and the hard work it takes to provide justice.

In 2011, Dan took a break from his practice. He studied music, meditation, and climate change, and he helped raise his newborn son. In 2013, he started a political blog called Steinsgeist, and began contributing to local media including the Torontoist and Now Magazine.

In 2014, Dan ran for the Green Party of Ontario in Davenport, though he entered the race late, he still helped the Green Party to double its support from the previous election. In 2015, Dan re-opened his legal practice.

Dan's priorities are social, economic and environmental justice. He sees climate change as a challenge, but also an opportunity for pragmatic and positive social, economic and fiscal reform. Dan believes strongly in democratic principles, and is determined to help lead the charge to repeal Bill C-51, and help protect our liberties and right to free speech.

Dan lives with his wife and son in the Davenport neighbourhood of Little Portugal. As a parent, Dan knows the full cost of raising a child. His first order of business in Ottawa will be to help set up a fully funded national daycare program.

Dan will champion policies that help increase our prosperity and reduce pollution. Toronto badly needs new transit and he will push for a 20% transfer of the GST to fund rapid transit, bike paths, walking paths, and car-sharing infrastructure.

Dan looks forward to representing his community in Ottawa, and working tirelessly on their behalf.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Dan Stein as our candidate in the riding of Davenport.