Brampton West

Karthika Gobinath was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada, where she was raised in Scarborough, Ontario, in a low-income household.

Karthika moved to Brampton after getting married and finding employment as a public servant. She decided to run as a candidate with the Green Party of Canada because she felt her personal policies and principles aligned closely with the Party’s policies on the economy, community, and democracy.

Karthika completed her BA in Criminology, Justice and Policy Studies. She is a graduate of York University’s Masters in Public Policy, Administration, and Law Program and Graduate Diploma in Justice System Administration. Through these programs, Karthika learned the importance of policy issues in Canada surrounding healthcare, the environment, aging populations, aboriginal rights, human rights, financial accountability, politics, and the importance of good governance.

Karthika has come to understand the issues faced by members in her community while working on the Policy Advisory Committee for India Rainbow Community Services of Peel as a Policy Advisor. India Rainbow Community Services of Peel is a community-based organization that offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the local immigrant community, enabling integration, settlement, social services, healthcare, and education.

Working in this community organization and in the court system as a public servant, Karthika has come to understand that the residents of Peel wait longer than other Ontarians to access essential community services such as affordable housing, child care, mental health, and special needs.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Karthika Gobinath as our candidate in the riding of Brampton West.