Brampton South

Shaun Hatton is an artist, musician, producer, journalist, host, and pop culture critic. He believes in equality, and is an animal rights advocate.

Throughout his professional career, he has worked as a graphic designer, writer, editor, television host, producer, and as a director of business development. He is new to the world of politics, but has always been vocal about what he believes works and doesn't work in Ottawa.

While he has held many positions with different employers, he is best known as being a host and reviewer on the entertainment news show EP Daily, where he interviewed celebrities, directors, writers, musicians, artists, video game developers, and even a politician or two. His curiosity, sense of humour, and the ability to think fast make him a compelling public figure.

Those who enjoyed his work on the show have become a part of his ever-growing online community –where he is known by the alias Megashaun– and remain some of his top supporters throughout his various creative endeavours.

Giving back to the community that supports him is something Shaun feels especially strongly about. Throughout the year, he makes public appearances, makes himself available for interviews by student journalists, and hosts live events to celebrate music and nerd culture.

Shaun is the founder and host of Nerd Noise Night, an annual concert event held during Canada's biggest convention, Fan Expo Canada. Through this event, he seeks to introduce talented musicians to a captive audience, while giving convention-goers something social and fun to do in the evening hours.

Shaun believes that elections shouldn't be won based on which party or candidate spends the most money on their campaign, but rather on how well that candidate and party represent the people it serves. He also believes in accountability, which is something he sees as lacking in the world of Canadian politics.

His desire to be involved in worthwhile projects and community events stems from his belief that we're only on Earth for a short time, and that we are meant to make the best of it. The desire to do good while having fun will remain important during his candidacy.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Shaun Hatton as our candidate in the riding of Brampton South.