Brampton Centre

A life-long entrepreneur, Saul Bottcher combines fifteen-years of business experience with a passion for social justice, peace and co-operation, and improving the lives of all Canadians.

Having previously operated businesses in the music production and web design industries, Saul’s current business is in publishing, where he helps independent authors produce and promote their books.

Born and raised in Brampton, Saul lives in the riding of Brampton Centre with his wife Darby and five year-old son Owen. Saul draws on thirty-seven years of familiarity with Brampton’s history, people, and local issues.

Saul supports Medecins Sans Frontieres and the War Amps, along with various local charities, and does charitable pro bono work through his business, helping underprivileged authors achieve their dream of publishing.

Saul’s strengths are his empathy and compassion for all people, his ability to negotiate compromises between opposing parties, his broad knowledge of public policy, and his ability to keep the bottom line in mind at all times.

If elected, Saul would like to pay special attention to issues of social justice – particularly for Canada’s aboriginal peoples, democratic reform, diversifying and strengthening the economy, and representing Brampton’s unique interests.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Saul Bottcher as our candidate in the riding of Brampton Centre.