Beaches—East York

Randall Sach is a returning resident to Beaches-East York, having lived here more than 30 years ago. During his time away Randall worked for more than 25 years in the international development field, both overseas and in Canada, in several sectors including environment, housing, health, education, agriculture, legal reform, microfinance, and water and sanitation. He has also been involved in several international federations and coalitions doing international development work. Randall’s long-term work assignments were in Mexico, Mozambique, Philippines, Afghanistan and Vietnam, with many short-term assignments in countries including Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Tajikistan, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands. These experiences have allowed him to see poverty and environmental degradation up close in countries of the global south.

Randall has decided to run for office because he has become increasingly concerned with the loss of international profile that Canada has experienced from the foreign policy decisions of the Harper Conservatives. Canada now stands as an outlier in international forums and seems to be fighting global efforts to respond to climate change, rather than support these efforts. This is why Randall has chosen the Green Party for his candidacy. If elected, he would work toward restoring Canada’s world image and urging whatever government emerges from the next election to take serious steps to reduce carbon emissions.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Randall Sach as our candidate for the riding of Beaches–East York.