Joey Leckman is an environmentalist, teacher at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and father of two children. He is very involved in the college environment, especially teaching outdoor courses.

A Masters in Educational Psychology, Joey is convinced that environmental solutions start with teaching respect and love for nature. He has defended ecological and social causes since his youth, and was a very active member of Oxfam Quebec’s youth program Club 2/3, and with Amnesty International. He also has raised funds for the Farha Foundation, and performed humanitarian work in Haiti, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic.

He has served on the board of directors of an Early Childhood Centre in Saint-Jérôme, and currently sits on the governing board of a primary school in Prévost. His stint as a member of the union executive committee of Saint-Jérôme CEGEP professors during the student strike, has allowed him to learn much about the art of negotiation.

In his spare time, Joey grows a beautiful garden, runs marathons and plays guitar. He is also a film buff and avid reader.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Joey Leckman as our candidate in the riding of Rivière-du-Nord.