Lorraine Banville is a resident of Ville-Émard who has worked in both Ottawa and Montreal. In Ottawa, Lorraine worked at the Office of Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Natural Resources and at the Department of Environment Canada in Gatineau. In the latter role, Lorraine worked as a consultant for the interministerial fund for the recovery of species at risk and the division of integrated-knowledge. In Montreal, she joined the division of environmental protection activities where she works on the dredging of sediment in the St. Lawrence River.

Lorraine has worked as a scientific communicator for several years. She deals specifically with geopolitical issues related to the Arctic and environmental issues affecting the St. Lawrence River. She was also a scientific researcher for Eau Secours! - Quebec Coalition for Responsible Water Management, and has recently become an ambassador for the Climate Reality Project, an initiative founded by former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Lorraine Banville as our candidate in the riding of LaSalle—Émard—Verdun.