At the age of fifteen, while watching a science and technology broadcast called Découverte, Claude Poudrier was struck by a story about an electric-powered motor-wheel; struck by the importance of the discovery, and all the new possibilities it offered.

After completing his studies in business administration at the University of Sherbrooke, and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Claude joined the brilliant engineer Loic Daigneault to help market Mazda 3s that had been converted to electricity as part of Quebec's electric automobiles project. Around this time Claude also purchased his own electric vehicle, a converted Chevrolet S-10.

In 2011, Claude turned to the lithium nano titanate battery technology developed by the Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec, and began discussions aimed at setting up a production project in Quebec. He was then invited by a Quebec political party to join a group set up to introduce the party's new environmental platform.

In early 2014, with six other colleagues on the Board of Directors, he established the first Research and Development cooperative in Quebec: the Coop de solidarité du Monorail à grande vitesse (High Speed Monorail Solidarity Co-op). It is focused on setting up a research centre for the development of overhead electric monorail trains capable of reaching speeds of up to 250km/h, using the electric-powered motor-wheel technology he had first learned about on Découverte years earlier.

Currently Claude is working for Grantuned, a company that converts huge fleets of gasoline-powered vans to electricity.

His passion for finding cleaner more efficient means of transport led Claude to join the Green Party, as he believes the Greens are the only party proposing serious policies that will allow us to transition away from our dependence on fossil fuels.

Thirty-four years of age, and the father of two children, Claude is battling with all his heart not to leave this environmental mess to his children and future grandchildren. Claude has always been proactive in finding solutions to remedy our dependence on fossil fuels, and sees running for the Green Party as another step in the direction of building a better, cleaner future for all Canadians.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Claude Poudrier as our candidate in the riding of Bécancour—Nicolet—Saurel.