Corina Bastiani is a community organizer, journalist, and former city councilor. Born in Sorel, Corina’s community involvement began at a young age when, at 15, she was invited to participate in the drafting of the Cultural Policy of the City of Sorel. She later worked as a radio host, before going on screen with VOX. Following a period working in theatre, Corina worked as a journalist, beginning with La Voix and later launching her own paper, Le Canard Déchainé.

In November 2005, Corina began two terms as a town councillor in Vieux-Sorel. During that time, she worked with others to address pressing community issues. She also became the first Chair of the Commission of young elected politicians within the Quebec Union of Municipalities. The difficulties and pitfalls that she noted in municipal politics led her to found the Parti d'Aujourd'hui (Today Party), the first municipal party in the city of Sorel-Tracy. Her objective was to contribute to the improvement of democratic governance in the city.

Since leaving politics, Corina has begun organizing opposition to oil transportation along the St. Lawrence River. She was one of the organizers in Sorel-Tracy of the grand march against tar sands oil on October 26, 2014.

The green Party of Canada is excited to have Corina Bastiani as our candidate in the riding of Bécancour—Nicolet—Saurel.