Gilles Mercier met with employers and workers on the island of Montréal as a work inspector for over thirty-four years for the Occupational Health and Safety Commission (CSST). His involvement in the various economic activity sectors was aimed at preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases. A native of the Saguenay region, Gilles Mercier has lived in the very heart of the Ahuntsic—Cartierville riding for twenty-three years.

Gilles completed his environmental training at the end of the 1970s at Collège Saint-Laurent. Since 2002, he has taught occupational health and safety to young people, both college and university level students, most preparing to become engineers.

The father of two adult boys, Gilles has been involved in various ways in his community as a soccer coach, scout leader, member of the Board of Directors of Collège Mont-Saint-Louis, and with the Ahuntsic–Bordeau–Cartierville's Carrefour jeunese emploi.

Gilles considers that the Green Party of Canada is the best choice for all Quebecers and Canadians faced with the major challenges of the present, and of those to come over the next decades. He has been active in the Green movement since 2005, representing the Green Party of Canada in the riding of Saint-Laurent—Cartierville in 2006.

Gilles Mercier considers that it is now more than ever the time to act and become involved in politics, and to strive to build a more sustainable and prosperous future for all Canadians. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry eloquently put it: "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Gilles Mercier as our candidate in the riding of Ahuntsic—Cartierville.