Born and raised in New Brunswick, Terry Wishart lived and worked in several regions of Canada while he pursued a career in sports and recreation, information technology, and documentary filmmaking in North America and abroad.

Terry is a lifelong community worker and volunteer. His areas of interest include regional planning, natural resources management and the environment. Terry served as a Green candidate in the 2014 New Brunswick provincial election, and assisted in the successful election of Green Party leader David Coon to the New Brunswick Legislature.

Terry strongly supports the values and principles of governance of the Green Party of Canada and its leader Elizabeth May. He believes in the Green Party’s vision for a strong and forward thinking Canada, providing genuine prosperity for everyone through a commitment to a sustainable, just and equitable society.

Another area of concern for Terry is food security. He knows it is important that we produce more quality local food, not only to nourish healthy people and families, but also to generate critical economic multipliers that can drive new opportunities, create jobs in our communities, and build upon the wealth of our society.

Terry firmly believes these principles of development apply to the management of all of our natural resources; the good stewardship of our forests, wetlands, lakes, rivers, oceans and territories, which need to be better protected for generations to come.

Terry is a member of the steering committee for the New Brunswick Environmental Network. He served as caucus chair and provincial organizer in the coalition of community groups brought together to stop shale gas. Terry is a founding member of the Fredericton Chapter of the Council of Canadians. He is a co-creator of the 'Voice of the People Tour', and co-producer of the online video series 'New Ideas NB'.

Terry looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead. He is confident Canadians will become more engaged than they have ever been before, and will choose to cast a ballot for a better future by voting Green on election day.

The Green Party is excited to have Terry Wishart as our candidate in the riding of Tobique-Mactaquac.