New Brunswick Southwest

Gayla MacIntosh has lived in Southwest New-Brunswick since she was ten years old, growing up in Longs Creek, and moving to the Mazerolle Settlement when she got married. As a young girl, her father taught her the value of the land she would grow up on – how to respect it and how to learn from it. As she grew older, Gayla would help out a farmer down the road, working in the hay fields and helping in the corn field.

An active community member, Gayla has volunteered with local scouts programs, played softball, organized community yard sales, and helped with community church events.

Gayla has has a diverse career, having worked as a tree planting for Natural Resources, a supervisor at Appleby Color Lab, a manager at Solid Gold Pet Training and Resort, and most recently as an advocate for her community on issues concerning a new community and liquor store.

Gayla enjoys spending time out in Mother Nature, summer or winter. Her inspiration to get involved with the Green Party of Canada is born out of a desire to ensure her children and their children inherit an environment and natural landscape as pristine as the one she knew as a child.

Gayla will work hard to ensure the voice of her community is heard in Ottawa, and will work together with constituents to ensure that our community can grow in a healthy environment.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Gayla MacIntosh as our candidate in the riding of New Brunswick Southwest.