Long Range Mountains

Terry Cormier was born and raised in Corner Brook, the west coast of Newfoundland has always been his home. Concern for the future of our democracy and our environment is what led him to the Green Party.

Following an excellent secondary education in Corner Brook, Terry studied at St. Francis Xavier University, Carleton University, and the London School of Economics. Terry joined the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1974, and served Canada in our Foreign Service in many different places from the Congo to Singapore. From 1999-2004, Terry was the Director of International Crime and Terrorism with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Like many on the west coast of Newfoundland, Terry is learning more about his Mi’kmaq heritage. The values of our ancestors –respect for the Creator, the Earth and all life; equality in the circle; community– reflect who we are as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, and mirror exactly what the Green Party stands for.

During his last posting, Terry witnessed first hand as Stephen Harper rolled out his plan to attack our environment, Canada’s institutions, and reputation. Terry is presenting himself as a Green Party candidate because he believes that these are very dangerous times for Canada, our democracy, and our environment. The Green Party’s comprehensive platform supports small business, sustainable development, and offers the best prospect for rebuilding our Canada.

Terry believes that the old ways of doing politics, the old parties, do not work. He believes the constituents of Long Range Mountains need an M.P. who can provide effective representation in Ottawa, and get some attention on this region.

Terry is married to Christine Jensen, and together they have three adult children. Terry is currently living in the Corner Brook area.

Terry is looking forward to your support and encouragement. Together we can give the rest of Canada something to think about.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Terry Cormier as our candidate in the riding of Long Range Mountains.