It’s time. Vote Green.

In 2008, nearly one million Canadians voted Green. Nearly one million Canadians voted for a better future, for a positive vision of Canada.

We are not a one-issue party.

The Green Party is the only party in Canada with a full and comprehensive vision for our future available every day. We do not wait until elections to unveil what we believe in. Vision Green is on our website, available 365 days a year, every year.

The Green Party is the only opposition party to have tabled our deficit cutting plan with the Parliamentary Budget Office, to ensure we did our homework and our numbers will hold.

We are more than you think.

You are in for a nice surprise. Read our platform and find that voice for sensible, smart politics that you have been longing to hear.

If you are tired of simply voting against things, if you want something you can vote for, read this platform.

If you are looking for a serious, realistic and sensible option to the old line parties and old school politics, read this platform.

If you are looking for an economic, social and environmental vision for Canada that isn’t just focused on winning the next election, read this platform.

Canadians have disengaged from their own democracy because election after election we have been offered negative politicking in place of a real vision for our country. There is an alternative.

In this platform you will find a vision for a modern, smart economy that reduces the deficit, creates new jobs that won’t be gone tomorrow, and doesn’t rely on generating pollution to generate energy. We see a future Canada with vibrant, well-educated and motivated citizens, living in healthy communities, eating safe and healthy food, and enjoying a life-giving, healthy natural world.

In this platform you will find a renewal of Canadian democracy. You will find a return to dignity and respect in politics. You will find reforms to put power back where it belongs – in your hands.

If you think it’s time to turn over a new leaf in Canada, turn the page and get inspired.

Elizabeth May, O.C.
Leader, Green Party of Canada