Conservative Government Anti-science and Out of Step with Canadians

OTTAWA -- Not only is our Conservative government denying democracy, they are also denying climate change – a global crisis that has been accepted by more than 99% of scientists worldwide.  A staff member for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock Conservative MP Barry Devolin was exposed this week as a climate change denier by concerned citizen and former provincial Green Party candidate Doug Smith.  Okanagan-Shuswap MP Colin Mayes sent emails to his constituents questioning the scientific consensus on climate change. Huguette Allen, Green Party candidate in the riding has since challenged him to a debate. She has yet to get an answer.

Green Leader Elizabeth May is demanding some answers.  “We have a Conservative Party staffer accusing the UN of being communist socialists and a Conservative MP questioning the work of the world’s scientists.  The Canadian people deserve a clear and unequivocal answer - What is the party's view on climate science?"

The Conservative Party has a history of anti-science bias.  In a 2002 fundraising letter for the Alliance Party, Stephen Harper called the Kyoto Protocol a socialist scheme that unfairly targeted carbon dioxide, which he said is “essential to life.”  In 2006, in a response to a questionnaire from the Montreal Economic Institute, the Conservative Party admitted that it did not accept Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) science and as a first act in government, the Conservatives pulled IPCC science off the Environment Canada website.  They then eliminated the position of National Science Advisor and appointed a Science Minister who doesn’t believe in evolution.

“Do Mayes and the Peterborough staffer actually represent the real position of the Harper government -- unchanged since 2002 as the Alliance Party?  What exactly is guiding government policy if not science?” asked May.

Furthermore, Greens say the economic slant given by the Harper government to the climate change issue is false and misleading. Allen says, "While the International Energy Agency says every year's delay in climate action costs the world one half trillion dollars in damages, the Conservative government continues to pour billions of dollars propping up dead and dying industries like the tar sands that harm Canadians' health, economy, and security."

“This anti-science bias of the Conservative government is just another example of how out of step they are with Canadians,” said May. “They can try to hide by proroguing but in the end the citizens will have the last word.”

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