Help Stop Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an emerging infectious disease that is carried by nymphal and adult deer ticks. Early symptoms may include fever, headache, fatigue, depression, and a characteristic circular skin rash. Left untreated, later symptoms may involve the joints, heart, and central nervous system.

Because of a warming climate, the range for the black legged tick that carries Lyme disease is expanding. New cases are being found across Canada, with thousands now afflicted by what’s rapidly becoming a national crisis.

We are calling on the Government of Canada to support the passage of Elizabeth May’s Bill C-442, the National Lyme Disease Strategy Act, which would convene a national conference with provincial and territorial health ministers, representatives of the medical community, and patients’ groups, for the purpose of developing a national strategy that work towards ensuring the recognition, timely diagnosis, and effective treatment of Lyme disease in Canada.