Leadership Review Statement

It has been my great honour to have served this party as leader since August 2006. 

In that time, just under five years, the Green Party of Canada has made enormous strides.  Most significantly, we have at long last broken through the archaic first-past-the-post system to elect our first Green Member of Parliament.

No one person can take credit for the growth and success of the party.  It is a collective effort, especially in a party that really “walks the talk” of grassroots politics.  Please remember to vote in the council elections.  A strong council is just as critical as a competent leader.  While all the candidates are to be commended for running and for their commitment to the party, I have been allowed to express my own preferences, and those are found on the Green Party of Canada website.

By nearly every measure, the Green Party has never been as strong in Canada. When I announced my leadership bid in spring 2006, we had only 3,000 members.  Now we have nearly quadrupled that level.  We have built the party, with the addition of Young Greens and the Quebec Wing.  We made an historic break-through by being included in the leaders debates in 2008, and received an historic set-back in the shameful decision to  exclude us from those same debates in 2011.  We know that the exclusion from the debates and lack of media coverage hurt our national efforts.  But in the next federal election we will be stronger, be in the debates and be able to elect Greens from coast to coast to coast.

I am deeply grateful to the amazing team of Greens who worked on my campaign and to the voters of Saanich Gulf Islands.  We made history with 75% voter turn-out, of which over 46% voted Green, and 35% voted Conservative.  It was a decisive vote and it said that citizens in my riding want to see democracy work.  They want to ensure the issues we champion are no longer ignored.

I am very grateful for your support. In 2010, the members’ review supported my leadership with over 85% support.

As I begin the unprecedented work of ensuring the voice of the Greens is heard loud and clear in the House of Commons and of building to elect far more Greens in the next federal election, I would be grateful for a strong mandate to continue.   


Elizabeth May

Leader, Green Party of Canada