UPDATE: Our Change the Channel ad is a hit! Now take the next step and sign our petition >>

Attack ads are spiraling out of control. If you’re disgusted with negative politics and the state of Canadian democracy, it’s time to change the channel!

The Green Party of Canada is sending a message to the other political parties: Canadians are sick and tired of attack ads. We’re sending the message with an attack ad of our own – an attack ad on attack ads!

You can help send the message to the other political parties by taking the ad viral across the internet.

Here’s what you can do:

  1.  Share this ad (http://youtu.be/j-GekKKNUTU) on your Facebook page. Ask all your friends to share it too.
  2.  Tweet the link on Twitter with the tag #GPC. Ask your followers to RT.
  3. Sign the petition to fix political advertising in Canada >>
  4. Tweet the following message to Harper and Ignatieff:
    @pmharper @M_Ignatieff Sick of attack ads! Pull them now. http://green.ca/lGp #cdnpoli #cpc #gpc #lpc