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What is the Green Party Policy on Pot?

As a likely wiser person than myself recently told me, it would be better to not have a policy on recreational drugs (like pot).  The topic dredges up too many emotions in most people.  T

A General Anti-Avoidance Provision For Pollution

For decades now, Canadians and citizens of other western nations have seen a slow but steady loss of industry and jobs to jurisdictions that have weaker pollution regulations and costs than in thei

The Green Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs are going green, again!  No the Raptors are not permanently adopting those strange looking St.

Politics - It should be a Public Service, Not a Career!

With the threat of an unwanted election looming once again, it would be wise for the voters to consider what they really want from their elected officials.

Why Did A Conservative Join The Green Party?

One thing that strikes you at a Green Party meeting is all of the members used to be Conservatives, Liberals, or NDP! And for all the divergent opinions, they can find common ground.

An Inconvenient Truth - LIVE Presentation by Special Guest Speaker, Jim Harris

Special LIVE presentation of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" by special guest speaker, Jim Harris, former leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Upwind Downwind 2008: Climate Change & Heathly Cities Conference

The Clean Air Committee chaired by Dr. Brian McCarry, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Stephen A.

Term Limits for Politicians?

Should we have term limits on our politicians?

Government Intervention Needed to Achieve LED Lighting Savings

The LED lighting revolution is happening and the savings are astounding, but it may be decades before we see the full benefit if our governments don't step in to ensure the public good is achieved.

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