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Let's Call it What it is: Election Fraud

I've just become a blogger for Huffington Post Canada. My blog on the Robocall scandal has been the #1 blog on the site for two days (Feb 28 & 29).

Oil subsidies total $500 billion a year globally

Oil subsidies total $500 billion a year globally! Why are governments paying to literally subsidize climate change and the most profitable corporations in the world?

TV interview with Jim Harris on Green Politics

A TV interview on Green politics that I did with PublicVoice.tv just went up on their web site yeterday.

Prius taxis save at least $11,000 a year in fuel. North American-wide savings top $50B by 2016

I'm particularly proud of my column today in the National Post, documenting how taxi cab drivers with a Prius can save up to $20,000 a year in fuel cost.

Painting world's roofs white would save $1 trillion in energy costs

Black is the most effective colour for trapping the sun's heat, while white is the best at repelling it.

New National Post column focuses on Going Green

I am excited to let you know that today marks the appearance of a new column in the National Post.

The theme is how going green is the best thing ever for the corporate bottom

Green Energy Jobs Report

Millions of Green Energy jobs will be created in North America. More than $US1 trillion will be invested in wind energy globally by 2020 creating 1.75 million jobs.

Live online chat with Jim Harris how going green is great for the bottom line -- on National Post site a huge success

The live online chat on Tues, Nov 24 on how going green drives profitability was a huge success.

Celebrate Frank de Jong's 16 years leading the GPO on Sat, Sept 12 in Toronto

Hey all Greens in Ontario! Announcing the party to celebrate Frank de Jong's 16 years leading the Green Party of Ontario -- the longest serv

Green Sabbatical

le Français suit

A Green Sabbatical: Memo sent to the Federal Campaign Committee, Federal Council & GPC Fund

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