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Social Media Link-a-palooza

As the 2011 campaign kicks off, the mainstream media (MSM) is all a-twitter about Twitter and Facebook.

Greenparty.ca is doing a good job of promoting Elizabeth's and the GPC's Twitter, Facebook and other social media efforts at http://greenparty.ca/action/follow

However, many EDAs and candidates have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, etc.

How about we work together and boost the numbers and credibility of our overall social media footprint by supporting one another?

Media Response Team

What we once called new media is no longer new. As many, if not more, readers get their news and commentary from online publications as from traditional print media. Web 2.0 is a reality.

Don't expect a fall federal election, say Ottawa insiders

Anybody think we're facing an election threat this year?

OTTAWA — Canadians dreading the prospect of a fall election can relax.

No Leadership Contest

The news media has this story published online before our own website does so I'm copying and pasting the CP article for informational purposes:

An Elephant in the Room?

Petition Seeks Moratorium on Nanticoke Nuclear Proposal

I'm involved with a group working to stop a new nuclear plant from being built in Nanticoke, Ontario. We've just launched a petition and I'm hoping some Ontario-based GPC members will download copies and help us get some signatures.

Here's our press release concerning the petition launch.

Nuclear Option for Nanticoke Moving Full Speed Ahead

Bruce Power is pushing forward with a request for a site preparation license to begin construction of a new nuclear plant with two reactors to be located next door to the existing Nanticoke coal-fired generating station. The application for a license will automatically trigger an Environmental Assessment (EA). Bruce Power is prepared to invest $30 million into the 2-3 year assessment process.

War Resisters Day of Action

“Canada should be welcoming Americans who flee to our country to escape Bush’s illegal war in Iraq,” said Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

Resolution on Biofuels, Signers Needed

I've posted the latest (final?) version of a draft resolution on biofuels in the members-only forum.


Dion’s Carbon Tax

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or off on another planet for the past week, you’ve been hearing about “Dion’s carbon tax.” Stephane Dion, who has previously spoken out against a carbon tax and made assurances that he would not impose a carbon tax, has apparently changed his tune. Now that Dion has embraced this long time tenet of Green Party fiscal policy, he’s being conferred ownership of the idea. It’s “Dion’s” carbon tax, according to the media.

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