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Harper to destroy Wheat Borad

Germany to get off nuclear addiction

Greens position on gas price rip offs?

In testimony before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on June 3, 2008, former director of the CFTC Division of Trading & Markets (responsible for enforcement) Mi

Wikileaks on Arctic race for resources

An interesting video which also outlines how Arctic ice melting has accelerated. The North Pole could see some open water in a couple of years.

Nuremberg prosecutor on Bin Laden

Seven reasons US policy in Syria is failing

Vote split effects charted by David Orchard

Orchard makes a point that I have been blogging about as well:

Anti Islam hate criminal allowed into Canada

Harper demonstrably lying about Per vote subsidy

**Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore, in an interview with CBC Radio's Kathleen Petty on election night, confirmed the Conservatives' plan to move ahead with ending the subsidy.

CRTC and the net

The following item spells out CRTC plans for the net, immediatly after telling me they have nothing to do with it. This link is the CRTC on the net..

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