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LINK - The Euro and the high priests of austerity

MEP Nigel Farage speaks to the threat to sovereignty and the power grabs by the high priests of austerity.

Moody's corruption

I plan to intruduce a resolution to the BGM creating a Canadian rating  agency at arms length ( as much as possible in any  case) to industry. 

Criminal's create new stock market in Canada

Banksters Goldman Sacks that were privately selling stock they knew was garbage, were also telling clients to buy the very same stocks.

Green Quantitative Easing and a Green economic statement - a draft press release I offer to the party

Despite finance minister  Flaherty's recent assertion that Canada is "well positioned" with respect to the global economy, Canadian exporters have taken many big hits over the last three y

Video Link - Professor Nouriel Roubini on global economic issues.

The effects of the S&P downgrade of the US as well as the risks and causes of global recession are talked about.

The Rise of Financial Terrorism

The big bond holders have and interest in seeing austerity as opposed to economic stimulus i

Flaherty: "Canada well positioned" in global economy

Why in the world does the GPC refuse to publicly say *anything* while all manner of financial crisis are spinning out of control all over the world? Don't we have economic policy?

Free crack pipes

New Energy Technologies press release

News Release


Putin: U.S. a financial *parasite*

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