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Oil price fixing scam- info from the net

French nuclear people sent to jail for Greenpeace spying

If only we could send them to jail for wasting billions of tax payers cash.

Israeli land theft accelerates after UNESCO vote

Israel's greed to steal Palestinian land seems utterly boundless.

Harper slashes UNESCO funding for Palestinian membership

Just like they destroyed funding for KAIROS for daring to utter a peep of criticism of Israel, Harper and company continue their proxy war for Israel against Palestinians in order to grab the Zioni

Roger Ramjet murders animals

Hey Bungalo Bill, what did you kill, Bungalo Bill?

Iran: Assassination or U.S. propaganda?

Some questions need to be asked.


Roubini: Europe needs two trillion dollar bazooka

Helps make the case for Green QE in Canada, which is better than tax breaks as the cash goes to Green infrastructure, jobs and new wealth through efficiency, as opposed to rainy day funds.

U.S. punishes Palestinians for U.N. bid

The U.S. cancels Palestinian $200M in aid for daring to ask for freedom that is already supposed to be theirs under U.N. resolutions. Meanwhile the U.S.

Harper's welfare for buddy pollsters

Another example of Harper corruption.

NYC protesting the ZOMBIE banks

George Soros' sympathy for Wall Street protesters
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