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New tech: Electric highways for electric vehicles

An excellent use for BoC created money as per ratified policy would be to create jobs building the electric highway and weaning Canada off fossil fuels.

Lord James on the 15 Trillion dollar bankster scam

Lord James seems to have *receipts* which may be a smoking gun here. The 15 trillion dollars is also the amount of money Bloomberg reported as hidden from congress for bankster bailouts.

How big oilcos gouge us at the gas pumps


Includes evidence of China and Russia wanting *no military intervention* in Syria.

Killer Whales Sue Sea World

I hope the party speaks up for the whales.

U.S. Supreme court overturns 1790 *right vs. wrong*

Corporate power again takes a big step up the ladder in the U.S. and is satirized here:

As if in a George Orwell fantasy.........

Canada's tech breakthrough company - SHEC ENERGY

With the new patents filed, it looks like costs are competitive with coal. Find out why engineers are investing in this company.

Green Temple in India

Old propaganda pic

U.S. reach to Canadian web sites

Of course the Harper government is fine with this.

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