RoboCon: The Evidence and Scope Means What?

I've been reading and writing extensively about the RoboCon scandal. I invite you to go through what I've learned, and what strategies the RCMP and EC can use to discover Pierre Poutine and/or those working with the alias of the election fraudster.

Also learn why I think this is a non-partisan issue that conservative Canadians need to be won-over on, even if it means short-term pain for their cherished Conservative Party. It's now evident that even if the national CPC campaign staff were not involved, supporters of the Conservative Party with access to the kind of elector data found in the Conservatives' national campaign voter information database (CIMS) were who conducted this historic election fraud.


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The Hammer of Justice

These are good sources and good strategies. They may unearth some clues. The problem is that whoever ordered these illegal actions probably has the resources to buy silence from those who really know what happened.

If we are really to get to the bottom of this, it probably will require a commision with judicial powers, with power to call witnesses under oath.

It is to be hoped that all parties will support a judicial inquiry with such powers, to take over the files from Elections Canada and the RCMP. Any party that opposed a judicial inquiry would cast doubt on its own integrity, wouldn't it?

Chris Aikman Vancouver Island North