Ottawa's Terry Fox Road Environmental Study Is Seriously Flawed

I reviewed in depth the City of Ottawa's environmental study and found some serious problems with it. 

1. There is no analysis, consideration, nor plan to protect endangered species. 

2. Although the environmental report recognizes that the area being threatened is ecologically significant at a provincial level, less than 25% of the report addresses the natural environment. 

3. In the ecological section, the report notes the presence of endangered plant and animal species in the area under study and then proceeds to ignore that fact for the balance of the report. 

4. Even though ecological impact was clearly established as being the most important criteria for the environmental study, the report selected the alternative that it rated to be the absolute worst for the natural environment! 

5. The memo of recommendation to the Transportation Committee failed to discuss the obvious concerns that the recommended alternative did not align with the criteria set by the Transportation Committee and that further ecological study was warranted prior to finalizing the recommendation. 

6. The traffic volume forecast is over 1000 vehicles an hour during peak periods but does not provide a corresponding forecast of animal deaths caused by this volume. 

7. The recommended traffic volume mitigation strategy consists of posting animal crossing signs to alert drivers.  This is outright ecological irresponsibility. 

8. The alignment study provides for a single passageway but does not provide an analysis of how effective that would be considering that slow moving turtles are unlikely to hike down to the passageway just to cross the road. 

9. The magnitude of ecological impact is not assessed anywhere in the report.

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Paul Renaud