Why do seniors keep voting Conservatives into office ?

The supporters of the Conservatives seem to forget that they got burned on Income Trusts just a short time after an election.

While helping my candidate collect nomination signatures during April 2011, a senior told me that "You Greens are destroying my dividends that I rely on from oil companies". I replied "Who destroyed your Income Trusts ?" He said, "You got me there on that." At which point he seemed less hostile and actually I eventually convinced him to sign the nomination papers.

 Less than a year after the May 2nd 2011 Election, they are being told that their pensions are all of a sudden unsustainable. There was no mention of a problem with pensions during the election so I must assume that the Conservatives are information managers, instead of money managers.

The Toronto-Danforth By-election win is possible for the Greens. With the Fake Canadian citizenship ceremony on SUN TV and the pension changes announced recently the Conservative voter may stay home.